Malai Mahudam Match Works is based at Sattur, Tamil Nadu, South India, a town famed for its thriving Match Box.  Malai Mahudam Match Works are successful manufactures of Safety Matches and Wax Matches in India. In a competitive world of match production, Malai Mahudam Match Works are known for manufacturing quality wax match sticks. Incepted in the year 1949, we are known for manufacturing Safety matches & later gone into the field of Wax Matches of all sizes and types. We have earned a remarkable position in the domestic as well as in the international market. Our Zealous efforts and services have created a positive image in the eyes of our customers. Malai Mahudam Match Works is already a name to reckon with when it comes to quality products.

Wax Matches

Our Company is mainly focusing on manufacturing quality wax matches and safety matches (fosforos). We have a responsive management team which strives for quality of wax matches and safety matches.

Our Motto:

  • "To manufacture and supply superior quality product to our customers"
  • "To be the market leader"
  • "To build lasting relationship with our customers"

Our Products

        1.) Wax Matches or Wax Vestas
        2.) Safety Matches

                    We specialize in offering good quality Wax Matches in attractive designs and colors(Black / Brown / Red) as Per Customer Requirement, which are manufactured with good quality raw material. Our products have received overwhelming response in India and abroad. Our Products are available in various size and designed in a very innovative and smart style.

Bar-coding stickers can be provided under special request Pricing will vary with respect to the packing types as selected by the Customer.

Colour Heads: Black, Red, Brown heads can be made under special request.

Wax Matches                                                                                Safety Matches

Mr. P. Praveen Kumar, MBA.,
Mobile: +91 98943 42280
WhatsApp: +91 98943 42280
Email: praveen@malaimahudam.com

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